It is everyone’s hope to have a stunning wedding, but this is not possible if the photos used during the wedding are not conspicuous. Images can have unwanted shadows and therefore there comes in the need to recompose the photos. Wedding photos must always be edited to create a sense of mood or tranquility. It’s important that wedding clothes should have no creases especially for color black and white attires. Graphicient will produce the best quality wedding photos and portraits.

What we can do with your wedding photo

1. Recomposing a photo

Recomposing a photo may be challenging to the novice, but at Graphicient, we are confident of meeting your photo re-composition requirements precisely for the desired photo you want as we have the experts, tools and techniques.

2. Add or removing people

Incidental persons appearing at the background of a photo can be a great spoiler to the perfect picture. We are capable of removing unwanted figures from the photo or add in the desired persons in the photo by our expertise.

3. Iron creases from clothing.

There is no need to use the iron before a photo-shoot when you can have us ironing out creases from your clothing worn in the photo. Crumpled clothing looks smart and lovely with our professional touchups.

4. Creating a mood or tone

Taking good photos with the right mood or tone can be challenging, but we can ensure a great photo at the end of the day with our smart touchup techniques using our creative photography equipment.

5. Combining two photos

If you need to combine two photos into one, we have the experts and facilities to handle that task for you quickly and cost effectively. We can combine photos or images into one picture creatively.

6. Retouching the bride, groom & guests

The bride must look her best not only on her wedding day, but in all her wedding photos too. We are experts in retouching wedding photos to ensure that everyone looks their best for that beautiful occasion.

7. Removing unwanted objects

Many photographs tend to capture unwanted objects that lower the quality of the picture. Graphicient is capable of removing these hindrances to give you the perfect picture with our expertise.

8. Virtual weight reduction

No one likes to look fat in a photograph. We can shed pounds off any person in a photograph to project a great figure that would be the envy of all viewers. Virtual weight reduction is our forte.