Graphicient provides jewelry photography retouching services. Our constricted focus on jewelry retouching helps us to deliver high quality images in short dispatch time. We create clean jewelry photos that will impress the buyers or your customers. With high level skills and techniques in jewelry editing we provide services that will be always impress your clients.

Before and After Jewelry Retouching

If you need to edit or retouch jewelry photos in such a way that the after retouching photo looks magnificent you will require expertise. It has been hard for designers to remove jewelry background and shadows. We will provide services that will make your jewelry stand the best among many.

What we can do with your jewelry photo

1. Making a jewelry photo amazingly shiny

Jewelry photos must create the best of shine and sparkle to attract viewers and buyers. You can attract more interested customers if your jewelry photos are fine-tuned to be eye catching and appealing with more glitter.

2. Clipping & Create Realistic Shadow

Sometimes the light does not come off well on the photos which create an unappealing image. We can enhance your photo with professional clipping services while creating realistic shadows to make the image more real-life.

3. Removal of unwanted elements

If your photo contains too many objects that clutter the main component, we can skillfully remove certain objects to provide the right emphasis on the primary focus. Blank areas are rebuilt to look natural in the final photo.

4. Change Gemstone & Gold Color

We are skillful in adjusting specifics in a photograph. This would include gemstones and gold color that could be changed to fit your requirements and purposes effortlessly using our professional retouching photos services and equipment.

5. Cutting out of the images

Graphicient can copy jewelry images from one source to a different background. Our team of experts is skilled in generating the best colors and clarity on the final photo for a high quality picture.

6. Image resizing and Scaling

Our team of professional photo finishing experts can enhance low resolution images to be of the desired sizes using zoom or thumbnail. Scaling works are handled professionally by our experienced and meticulous photo imagery experts.

7. Removal of Unclear Reflections

Jewelry photos that showcase unclear reflections lower down the jewels’ quality and demand. We have the tools and expertise in removing unclear reflections on the jewelry images for a clear representation of the jewelry worth.

8. Removal of Dust

Dust in photos is very common even with expert photographers. We have state-of-the-art facilities and experts in removing dust from photos for a clear and clean look on the image to reflect a high quality picture.

9. Light and Color Correction

Our meticulous retouching experts can change or correct the color and lighting on your photo images as per your requirements. We can control the brightness, contrast and tone components on your photo for a great end result.

10. Removing unclear shadow

Unclear shadows on jewelry photos can be removed by our team of experts to generate a sharp and clear image that is appealing and attractive. We are skilled in various shadow removal styles for a great outcome.

We offer the best jewelry retouching services and always listens to clients views